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Green Hydrogen and PtX

Different hydrogen types can be classified depending on the production methods. However, the only 100% renewable type is green hydrogen, namely hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources.

Power to X (PtX) is composed of three main ingredients: hydrogen, carbon dioxide (CO₂) and nitrogen (N₂).

Green hydrogen and its derivatives (e.g., green methanol and ammonia) open up major opportunities to decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors, such as heavy-duty transport and heavy industries, where electrification is either not feasible or very costly.

StrategHy modus operandi embeds a climate compatible PtX. This implies the use of green hydrogen, biogenic CO₂ and/or CO₂ from direct air capture. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) may complement this scheme to attain negative emissions scenarios. Furthermore, a well-to-wheel monitoring system should be in place to ensure that the sustainability of the whole process is maintained over time. 

Within this approach, green hydrogen and PtX are critical elements for the global energy transition and vital components to achieve net-zero emissions economies.

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