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Pioneering hydrogen and green molecules for a sustainable future



Our 3S approach: Strategy, Scouting, Screening

Preparation of green H₂ strategies.

Internationalisation and scale up of clients' portfolios.

We support finding and shaping new H₂/PtX ventures in the EU and emerging economies.

We provide an independent strategic advice on existing projects' pipelines to strengthen their set-up.


Preparation of early-stage and full feasibility studies for H₂/PtX projects.

Project development and management.

Training and capacity building.


We help securing project development finance to achieve financial closure.


Blended finance.

Regulatory Framework Certification

We help mitigating the risk of working in different regulatory, legislative frameworks.

We advise on de jure condendo proposals.

We support the certification process (GO, RED III of the EU).



Federico Villatico Campbell, StrategHy CEO

Federico Villatico Campbell

Founding Partner & CEO

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● With over 20 years of extensive experience in the energy sector, including renewable energies (RE) and "Power-To-X" (PtX) initiatives, he is a seasoned expert in crafting net zero policy roadmaps and action plans.
● Federico boasts two decades of professional immersion in the hydrogen sector, specializing in policy formulation, strategic planning, feasibility studies, and project execution. He has successfully overseen the implementation of numerous green hydrogen projects worldwide.
● Federico's academic background includes a PhD in Energy Technologies for Sustainable Development, with a specialization in Hydrogen from Renewables from the University of Rome, Sapienza. Additionally, he holds a Bachelor and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Perugia, Italy.

Jacopo Villatico Campbell, StrategHy Business Development Manager

Jacopo Villatico Campbell

Founding Partner, CFO & Business Developer

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● With over 16 years of experience, Jacopo has demonstrated a commitment to the triple impact sustainability in Real Estate projects, where he actively integrates sustainability principles into development practices.

● Prior to his tenure at StrategHy, Jacopo amassed decades of expertise in the food sector industry, leading several successful start-ups. His mission is to spearhead the development of sustainable, innovative solutions aimed at significantly improving the quality of life and environmental standards within our communities.
● Jacopo holds a degree in Circular Economy and Sustainable Development from the International University of Valencia, Spain. He furthered his education with a Master in Startup Funding and Investment Strategies from Imperial College Business School, London, and a Master in Real Estate Economics and Finance from the London School of Economics.

Liriola Pitti

Public & Institutional Relations Manager

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Eliana Danzi

Legal Advisor (Studio Legale Danzi)

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Catalina García Giorgi.

Head of Marketing

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Wendy Stamps

Executive Assistant

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In partnership with StrategHy, companies, investors and institutions can save resources and time by accessing our expertise to develop and implement green H₂ projects, eliminating the need to build their own dedicated teams.

Reduced and Accelerated time to Market

We integrate green molecules and green electrons to diversify energy portfolios, expand the business and the decarbonisation solutions.

Diversification of the Energy Portfolio

Key partnerships play a crucial role in bridging the gap for H₂/PtX projects and reaching the Final Investment Decision (FID). We leverage our extensive network of institutional, financial, and technology providers to mobilize resources effectively.

Network of
Key Stakeholders


Renewable energy is a cornerstone of our sustainable energy future

StrategHy is a climate tech firm specialised in energy transition strategies in line with the Paris Agreement goals. We focus on green hydrogen and PtX and we are active in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa.

Our vision is to become a global leading partner to the private and institutional sector in their decarbonisation journey

Our mission is to advance the global effort towards the NetZero 2050 target by partnering with key players in the H₂/PtX sector.

Green Hydrogen - StrategHy
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